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A Doll

            The play "A DOLL"S HOUSE", by Henrik Ibsen, is a tragic story about a .
             Initially, the play starts off in a very friendly .
             atmosphere. The main heroin Nora is decorating the Christmas tree .
             and gathering all the gifts for the Christmas Eve celebration. Nora is the .
             beloved wife of Helmer, who is soon going to be promoted to .
             the Manager's position at the local Bank where he is employed. Helmer .
             refers to his wife as his "songbird" and is in deep love with her very .
             existence. This is a well to do family, which is well respected in the town .
             they live in. They are debt free and without a care in the world, so we think .
             in the beginning. But Nora has a secret that nobody knows about. But as .
             the secret gets around and about, all hell starts to break loose and .
             everything starts to hit the fan.
             Nora, the protagonists, made a big ethical and judicial mistake by forging .
             her father's signatures on a loan (as the cosigner), which resulted in the .
             tragedy in the end. You see, her husband was really sick and needed a large .
             amount of money in order to pay for his treatment. Of course, they did not .
             have the money. Since Nora knew that her husband would never allow her .
             to borrow the money from the bank, because of his strict beliefs about .
             never being in debt, she decided to go a head and borrow the money .
             anyway without his permission, but for this to happen she needed a co-.
             signer, which at the time was going to be her father. However, by the time .
             the loan papers arrived her father had already been dead for a couple of .
             days. So she quickly forged his signatures and signed on his behalf, which .
             was totally against the law. So, the only two people who knew about this .
             secret loan and about how Nora forged her father's signature was Krogstad .
             (loan broker) and Nora herself. Nora told her husband that her father had left her this money after his death.
             Anyway, to make a long story short, the villain in this story is Krogstad, .

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