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            Turkmenistan is a small country with 4,603,244 people. Currently, the life expectancy is 61 years.
             The ethnicity of the Turkmen (the nationality) is made up of Turkmen 77%, Uzbek 9.2%, Russian 6.7%, Kazakh 2%, other 5.1%. 89% of Turkmenistan is Muslim (the branch is called Al-Fatiha. Eastern Orthodox makes up the other 11%.
             The spoken languages are Turkmen 72%, Russian12%, Uzbek9%, and other 7%.
             Turkmenistan continues to send supplies to the Taliban. The United States has issued a travel warning to the area, and Bush has promised an aid package of 295 million dollars to help Afghan refugees entering Turkmenistan.
             Turkmenistan has stated they are definitely against terrorism. They are unsure about helping the US in an attack on Afghanistan. The have declared that their airspace may only be used for humanitarian flights. They still show a level of support for the Taliban as they continue to send in supplies and have kept the border between the two countries open. Turkmenistan feels great pressure from the Islam nation and is influenced by Russia.

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