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War Alliances

            The alliances formed in World War 1 and the War against terrorism are different because they were formed for different reasons. The difference is also how they were formed. The alliances that the U.S. are forming now are for protection against and for the elimination thereof. The alliances of World War 1 were formed for protection of the economic imperialism. Many European countries feared that economic imperialism would cause war so therefore they made alliances with other countries in hopes of protecting themselves. The fundamental difference in the alliances in World War 1 and the alliances now are why they were made and why they"re being made.
             To understand the alliances u must first understand both wars. The reason for going to these wars are very different. World War 1 was fought over territories. This was bound to happen because when you create alliances like the Europeans did an argument between two countries could bring in a host of other countries and nations like it did. That is what turned a disagreement between Bosnia and Austria-Hungary into a World War.
             The reason we"re fighting the war on terrorism is because of the September 11, attacks. We are fighting against the attacks on our freedom by the terrorist. We are forming alliances to eliminate terrorism and terrorist around the world. .
             The alliances in World War 1 knew who they were fighting against. That is the major differences between the war on terrorism and World War 1. The alliances were made in World War 1 based on which country was best able to protect it's neighbor from invasion against another. The alliances knew who it was they were fighting against.

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