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Whas It Necessary To Drop Tha A-bomb?

             In 1945, August 6th the world's first atomic bomb was dropped on the City of Hiroshima in Japan. B-29 bomber dropped the bomb that killed nearly 150,000 people; those who had not been killed wish they were dead as they laid in agony from burns. More than 10 sq km/4 sq mi was obliterated into piles of rubble. Was the U.S. justified in using the atomic bomb against Japan?.
             An a-bomb creates a huge amount of energy. About half of this energy is used to create a blast wave. The release of huge amounts of energy and power that in a fraction of seconds it makes a blast effect that travels at the rate of about 20.1 km per min., that's greater than the speed of sound. (The Atomic Bomb (2001). Geo Cities.).
             The hypocenter is the greatest amount of pressure-exerted witch is about 35 tonnes per sq. meter and the max air speed was 440 meters per second. As the blast moves away from the center its intensity decreases. As the blast subsided after blowing from the center, a vacuum of air and pressure generated in the center. The reversed winds begin blowing towards the center from outside areas with the intensity of another blast. When the bomb explodes it produces a ball of fire (mushroom cloud), which reached temperatures of millions of degrees. The radiant energy travels from the center at the speed of light, which create an immense intensity. This is what we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was justified, and it was the best alternative we had to end the war quick without U.S. casualties. (The Atomic Bomb (2001). Geo Cities.).
             As James T. Windle sees it, there were two primary justifications for the U.S. to drop the atomic bomb. The first justification is that we wanted to avoid large numbers of U.S. casualties that would mount in a amphibious invasion of the Japanese home land. The second justification would be that we wanted the war to be over quick. The bomb accomplished both of these Justifications. Winston Churchill estimated that 250,000 British, and one million American soldiers were saved by the dropping of the atomic bomb.

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