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Women In Law

             Even with laws that are made against prejudice, in some place's women are still .
             considered as house material and not work material. Women who enforce the law are treated as .
             pushovers and it is becoming a larger problem all the time. For women who work as lawyers or .
             judges it is harder because in order for them to become a lawyer they need permission from the .
             court of their state which is made up usually of men. It is wrong to judge women like that. .
             Women have just as much right to do it as the men do. In years past there has been very little .
             support for women in the field of law, more people should stand up for women and more women .
             should learn how to work in law.
             Women who enforce the law in jobs like the FBI or LAPD are just as efficient as the .
             men are in there duties. Mrs. Eleanor Smeal of the Feminist Majority Association says, "Women .
             officers are more efficient and less violent at diffusing violent situations". Mrs. Smeal is right, .
             whenever there is a woman police officer on shows like "Cops" or "Americas Most Wanted".
             she handles the situation very calmly, and is aware of every danger. Life for a cop is already hard, .
             with having to worry if they will live an other day or if they will die in the line of duty, prejudice .
             just makes it worse for the women cops. Hopefully women are not discouraged because of the .
             way some men treat them. Women are good cops, in fact Mrs. Smeal says that "Women are more .
             likely considered as friendly and service oriented by members of there community". Women in .
             law enforcement deserve the same privileges as men do. A study of police Brutality in the LAPD .
             by the Christopher Commission found that out of the 120 officers with the greatest number of use .
             of force reports, no women officers were found. And that women officers compromised only .
             about 3.4 % of officers involved in about 83 of the most serious lawsuits against the LAPD during .
             Shiels 2.

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