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Anywhere But Here

             For the third our assignment I had decided to read a book that relates very much to my personal life. The novel I had decided to read is called "Anywhere But Here" written by Mona Simpson. This particular book doesn't have to deal to much with work issues, but enough to write a paper.
             "Anywhere but Here" is a great book that to me it seems that somebody had written my life story. This novel is about a single mother, Adele, and her daughter Ann August, that move from Bay City, Wisconsin, to California. Adele is an American dreamer that believes in a better life. On the other hand Ann is a young girl that likes her life in Wisconsin and hates her mother for wanting to move away. Ann hasn't seen her father since she was very young and doesn't even remember him anymore, but she keeps searching for him.
             Finally Ann and her mother Adele take off for their new beginning, their new life. Their trip was disaster. They fought all the way and Ann all she wanted was to go back home to her cousin and grandmother. Adele just wanted to continue her journey.
             Once they arrived in California life started to get a little rough. Money were scarce and for Adele it was hard to find a job in her field, as a teacher, that could support both of them. Ann soon started high school in a very rich neighborhood. She hated it. Everything was so different and she felt that she was a nobody. She didn't want to make any new friends and her relation with her mother was getting worse every day. Ann wanted to go home, but her mother would not even think about it. Adele got a job as a teacher in high school in a very low neighborhood. They also got an apartment and try to survive this though life. Through all the problems Ann did not give up searching for her father. Soon even worse news arrived, her cousin, her best friend had died back home. She flew there and realized that the only thing that made her want to go home were the people and now that he was dead there was nothing left for her over there.

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