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How to Get a Girls Number

             Here are just a few do's and don'ts on getting that girl's number at the bar. Before we even get to the bar scene, you need to have "the look." Take your personal style to the extreme, but never wear more hair products than women do. This just doesn't look good. Remember you want to be different than the "other" guy. Body odor, of course, should be kept under control, so wear your favorite cologne. Additionally, always check your finger nails for grime. This doesn't mean you have to run out and get a manicure, but just make sure they are clean and groomed. .
             You are looking good, feeling great, and have arrived on the scene. Show that you are self assured, but remember this is not the same thing as being arrogant. Take a confident stroll around the bar and find the girl of your dreams. I know, neither Cindy Crawford or Pamela Anderson hang out at the local bars in Albuquerque, so find someone you are interested in meeting. You need to find seating close by. Here is where you need to establish the "initial look." Watch her and try to get caught staring at her. When she notices you, give her a surprised look, like you were in such a daze that you can't believe she caught you. Show embarrassment but don't get carried away with it. Definitely do no wink, give her that "what's up" head nod, or stick your tongue out in a sexual manner, but simply smile. .
             Say you can't find seating around her, so what do you do then? Not to worry: here is plan B for the "initial look." Again, place yourself close to her area and get caught looking, but this time, do something like walk into someone, drop your beer, or back into someone or something. These actions will get you noticed and she will probably laugh at you too. Laughing is a good thing. You want the girls laughing. In either situation you want to make eye contact with her at least two more times. If she has returned your attentive looks with a warm smile, then it is time to head into the next phase.

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