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             The fourteener is a massive mountain that juts out of the ground and towers above all other things like kings, as overseers. These mountains are some of the most beautiful sights that a person can see. For some time in Colorado, a single, simple criterion has been used to determine if a summit is a peak or a false summit: For a summit to be a peak, it must rise at least 300 vertical feet above the saddle connecting it to its neighbor. In Colorado there are fifty-three fourteeners and there are five mountains that rise above fourteen thousand feet but do not meet the criterion of rising 300 feet. Why do people choose to climb fouteeners and what does it take to reach the summit?.
             As I drive up a narrow forest road to the trail head, all I can see are trees and snow on the ground. I come around a bend and look up and see the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my life. The top of the mountain was covered with red rocks that you could barely see due to the snow cover. It is about seven O"clock in the morning and the sun is just rising. The first thing that the sun touches is the top of that mountain, and what a pretty sight it is when you see it. At around 7:30 I started to hike up the trailhead. During the long hike to the top I had to keep a certain mind set on what I was doing. I had to keep telling myself that no matter what was going to happen that I was going to get to the top, that I was going to summit this mountain. Sometimes I would tell the mountain that I owned her and that there is nothing that she could do about it. About a quarter of the way up I could feel that my legs were starting to burn. I was quickly getting out of breath more quickly than I would down where I live. I could feel the air getting thinner and colder. This made it harder for me to keep going at a steady pace because I would always be taking breaks. I had to keep taking breaks so that I would not get exhausted and not be able to make it the rest of the way up the mountain.

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