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Symbolism in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

            Symbolism In Charlotte Brontё`s.
             Charlotte Brontё`s Jane Eyre is a real masterpiece read by thousands of children, students and grown-ups all over the world. Some of its readers consider it to be a children's novel, others appreciate it because of the romantic love story of Jane and Mr Rochester. But in fact the author is writing about the "woman question-, about the possibilities for women to be happy, about the disentanglement of a woman's personality, about the struggles she has to fight in order to preserve her real ego. But this is not the only reason to attract us readers: the symbols used in this novel are also very interesting and that is why I have decided to try to "solve the mystery- of some of these symbols. .
             The plot of the novel does not take place at a certain place, but there are five important stations in Jane Eyre`s life. First of all these five places or stations play a symbolical role in Charlotte Brontё`s masterpiece. All of these five places have worthy of note names which spontaneously make us think of what they mean, why they were used in the novel and what the author wanted to express by them. The first such decisive place in Jane's course of life was Gateshead where she spent her childhood and where she had to experience much cruelty from her aunt, Mrs Reed and her cousins. She was persecuted and neglected by them. This place name can be translated as the gate, the source or the begging of something; it is like a spring. It can be the beginning of the little orphans life, the beginning of her psychical development or the beginning of her fight against the oppressors who try to be masters over her. The reason why I think this is that it is here, at Gateshead that she first rebels in her life - she openly tells Mrs Reed what she thinks of her: -People think you a good woman, but you are bad, hard-hearted. You are deceitful!- she says.

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