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A Nation Of Greatness Falls To Ruins

            A Nation of Greatness Falls to Ruins.
             The Roman Empire is a civilization that can never be forgotten. It can be attributed for giving the modern world the building blocks that make up many of our present societies. It gave the world a basis for many of the world's modern languages and literature. The Roman Empire also made great strides in the great fields of agriculture, art, government, and of course military operations. But, the major question that many historians and scholars have asked through out the centuries is how could a nation so strong and developed become almost none existent. The fall of the Roman Empire is a topic that many have found of great interest. It is also filled with hundreds of ideas and reasons. For one not to be lost in detail after detail only a few can be discussed at one time with brief explanation. Unlike many other nations that collapse, Rome's demise happened very slowly, in fact over centuries. It was a gradual decay, which makes the fall of the Roman Empire so tragic. The fall of the Roman Empire can be traced by examining the religious, social, economic, cultural agricultural, political, and military changes that took place between the first and fifth centuries.
             The religious aspects that could have influenced the decline of Rome could have possibly been the introduction of Christianity. This once despised and forbidden religion called Christianity may have had great influence on the Roman ideals and way of living. The transition from the pagan beliefs to Christianity proposed a great burden on the Roman people. Many pagans felt that the abandonment of the old ways was creating turmoil in agriculture, and the military. Eventually, the Christian religion was accepted. Although, they were having trouble sustaining there superiority . Christianity in its own right created many problems in Roman society. Many branches of Christianity emerged.

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