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             A young lady by the name of Jessica never dreamed her life would turn out how it did. It all started her senior year of high school at Bedford North Lawrence. Jessica is a very smart and beautiful lady who had the time of her life during school. All of the guys wanted her because she was so beautiful. She has long, thick blond hair. Jessica has always been shorter then everyone else. Her blue eyes light up every time she opens them.
             During her high school years she was captain of the cheerleading squad. Jessica was always very popular and had so many friends. All of her girl friends were cheerleaders with her, they had a blast. The girls always won every competition they were involved in. They were awesome. Since Jessica is really short and petite. She went up in every stunt. She was really good and everyone wished to be just like her.
             As bubbly as Jessica was at school, her home life was kind of rocky. She had a single mother who worked two jobs to support Jessica and her other three kids. Being the oldest Jessica always had to stay home and baby sit her young brother and sisters. She pretty much raised them. Jessica took them everywhere she went. They went to the beach a lot during the summer time and had so much fun. They spent hours there while Jessica laid out in the sun and her brother and sisters would swim and play in the sand. Jessica loved them with all her heart but wished that she could have a normal teenage life out of school.
             Jessica mentioned to her mother one night that there was this party that she really wanted to go to this coming weekend. Her mother said "Well, Jess I have to work but I"ll see what I can do." Knowing that Jessica never got to out with her friends, her mother had there grandma watch the kids so she could go to this party with her friends. When Jessica found out she jumped up and down. She hugged her mom and thanked her repeatedly. Jessica was so excited about being able to go out with her friends that she called them up and told them right away.

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