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Mexico is a great vacation spot.

             Graduation from high school is a great accomplishment in life. An accomplishment I made in May of 2002. My parents decided for my graduation present, they would take me to Mexico. As I packed my bags, I wondered, is this going to be fun, or scary? Fun, because it was a new place I hadn't been, and there was an ocean. Scary, because it might be a culture shock. .
             At the airport I was getting more excited every minute for my flight down to Mexico. The flight was wonderful. It was a beautiful day outside, and there was no turbulence. The landing was a little rough, but not too scary. Once we arrived in Mexico, I knew that it was very different from our culture. The airport was about an hour's drive from where we were staying. The bus ride was horrible, there are no highways in Mexico, just a beaten path. The sides of the roads were dirty, and the people were poor. The houses were mostly concrete and had no windows. The children looked like they hadn't bathed in days. .
             At this point, I was thinking to myself, why did my parents bring me to this country with poverty. As we arrived at the resort, my vision of Mexico changed from poverty to heaven. The resorts were beautiful, and so were the beaches. The resort we stayed at was beautifully decorated with exotic flowers, trees, and animals. The path to the beach was through a little jungle. When you walked through it, you could see animals such as, monkeys and flamingos. The beach had white sand, and the water was clear blue. The workers at the resort catered to your every need. If you wanted it, you got it. I met some kids my age to hang out with. They were from Illinois, and New York. We became friends, and we did lots of things together. Mostly, went to the dance club, and partied a lot. .
             My parents had already set up activities for us to do while we were there. The first thing we did was go to Chichen-Itza. My parents knew that every since I studied about it in school, I had always wanted to go there and visit.

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