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Abiocor Artificial Heart

            With heart disease so prevalent, especially in the United States, much of researchers focus has shifted to combat this new malady. There have been many different models for artificial hearts but none as promising as the newest product by Abiomed. Throughout the coming years however, this promising invention will have to endure many trials before it can begin to make a effective impact on heart-related health issues. .
             After three decades of research by the medical group, Abiomed, has finally reached the point at which they can begin to see their work payoff. With clinical trials now in progress, the capabilities of the Abiocor Artificial heart system are being realized. However the history of artificial heart research spans farther back than this. During the 50's and 60's, there was a growing interest in synthetic materials which begat products like replacement valves and prosthetic materials to repair broken or damages heart tissues (Abiomed). In 1964, the national institute of health was established by President Johnson after a number of scientists began to experiment with heart replacements (Nunn). The 70's and 80's saw the advent of anti-rejection drugs and new procedures to diagnose and treat heart disease (Abiomed). Beyond that, some doctors used artificial hearts as temporary solutions for pending heart transplant patients (Nunn). The 1990's were an especially exciting time with the creation of such products as the Biventricular Support System, which was designed to aid patients with recoverable hearts, and the approval of ventricular assisting devices (Abiomed). .
             During the construction of the Abiocor heart, one of the most significant issues was finding a material that would not inhibit blood flow or cause blood clots or pooling. With help from design engineers, a new product was created-Angioflex (Ames). Angioflex is a proprietary polyurethane plastic that could be used in every surface that interacts with blood (Abiocor).

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