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            Adolescence is the most difficult and confusing phase of life. It is the process of life leading to maturity. Occurring during the teenage years it is the point in life when humans experience many changes. Both males and females experience adolescence. While some experiences are the same, however, they do experience some differences.
             Early in adolescence, both males and females begin noticing changes in their bodies and their ways of thinking. One change in their bodies is their height. They generally experience growth spurts in their first few years of adolescence. Another is their way of thinking. They begin to rely more on evidence than on blindly accepting what they are told. As their hormones kick in, they begin to develop an interest in the opposite sex. There is also some awkwardness in their interaction with members of the opposite sex. Another effect of hormones is the appearance of acne. While some changes apply to both genders, many are gender specific.
             Adolsecencs for males usually begins around the age 14. One of their physical changes is when their voice changes. That's when the pitch of their voice drops. Another of their physical changes is the growth of hair. Males begin to grow facial hair, as well as hair on other body parts, such as their chest, legs, and arms. They generally experience their growth spurt between the ages of 13 and 15 ½. One of the trademarks of male adolescence is the occurrence of "wet dreams."" This signals the beginning of sexual functions. While around the age of 14 is the average to begin adolescence for males, some may not begin until later, some even as late as ages 18 or19. Males tend not to worry with their looks and clothes as much as girls. They also tend not to care about other peoples opinions.
             Adolescence for females begins earlier than that for males, usually around the age of 12. However, it is not uncommon for girls to be delayed until the age of 15 or 16.

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