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Alas Babylon

            Alas,Babylon .
             In the Story Alas, Babylon all the characters changed but 3 of them in particular changed the most. Even if they changed since before the day or if they have changed their whole life style, they have changed. The character's that have changed the most are Randy Bragg, Lib McGovern, and Helen Bragg.
             Randy Bragg was a lazy man who just sat around drinking and spying on Florence's pets all day. All of his habits changed when the bomb hit. Right before the bomb hit Marks family flew in to stay with him. Now instead of taking care of himself he had to take care of them also. Randy had to sacrifice everything. He had to sacrifice his alcohol and his food so they could survive this terrible time. Randy had changed into a better person as time went on. He became strong and the leader not only of the household but also of the town. The change of his attitude was brought on from the way he acted in emergencies and how he could handle everything in such a subtle manner. Randy turned out to be a happier person at the end of the novel because he has changed to a better person and he got to marry his love.
             Before the bombing Lib McGovern was a young woman that used to just sit around her parents and do nothing. When her mother died from not having insulin, her and her father had to sacrifice their house and go live with Randy in his house. She became a better person because she had to live with all these people and had to help out around the house and she learned a lot of new stuff. She was brought to do all this stuff because there were no luxuries for her to enjoy now. She also had to because Randy made her do most of it. Yes, I think she became a much happier person at the end of the novel. She became happier cause she had helped out all these people and she got to marry Randy also.
             Helen Bragg was a very loyal wife and a great mother to her two children.

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