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Alexander The Great

             Thank you for taking an interest in my life, as you already know I am Alexander the great. You"re probably wondering why I have such a cool nickname as "the Great" huh? Well, stick around and listen to what I have to say about myself and then you can be the judge on whether or not I should be known as Alexander the Great, or Alexander the Best. Sorry, just a little joke. Obviously I can't give you a life story day by day, so here's my life in a nutshell.
             The miraculous year that I was born was 356 B.C. That makes me (pretty damn old) 2,358 years young. I was born into royalty in Pella, Macedonia, being my father was King Philip II, and my mother Queen Olympias. As most of you already know all great figures want the best for their children, so for my education I was tutored by Aristotle; one of the greatest minds to ever live. Since I was heir to the thrown I supported and backed my father 100%. I fought many campaigns for my father, but after I let my temper loose one time I was sent into exile with a few of my companions. I returned after the death of my father in 336 B.C., in which Darius had believed to be involved in, and was hailed as king, although I was careful to eliminate any possible rivals to the throne. This started the path to becoming "the Great." I had to clean up so to speak, what my father had already started and undertook the invasion of Asia. .
             Now with me as the "commander-in-chief" my first goal was to restore a sense of stability back to the League of Cornith (the League of Cornith was a league formed of Greek city-states, held together by treaties and alliances) that was starting to break apart. .
             I felt it was my job to prove myself to my followers, townspeople, and most of all my father. I began by executing all potential enemies of Philip in court. My father would have been so proud of me for that (sniffle, sniffle). My next mission was to regain support of all the city-states, most of all Thessaly, which had already broken away from the League.

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