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             On January 17, 1942, a young hero was born, who went by the name Cassius Clay. Young Cassius was a normal everyday boy, who grew up in the modest town of Louisville, Kentucky. Cassius was always pulling little pranks here and there, and always had to be the center of attention. Little did he know, he would soon be one of the most respected athletes of the Twentieth Century.
             At the age of twelve, Cassius's most prized possession was his bike. One afternoon, he was riding his bike around town and parked it outside the Columbian gym. When he came outside his bike was no where to be found. Cassius ran inside crying, and told Joe Martin who was a police officer and a boxing trainer, that someone had stolen his bike. Cassius was furious and said "when I find out who did this I"m going to whoop them." Joe laughed and said "you might should learn how to fight first." Cassius agreed, and he soon would start training (Garret 8.).
             Cassius started going to the gym on a daily basis and began to develop a real talent for the sport, as well as, a very cocky attitude. He would continue to train until he was eighteen years old. At this time, his coach Joe Martin thought he should compete. Clay thought it over for a couple of days and decided that that would be a lot of fun. He started fighting the next week and would until he won all amateur titles available. Clay was getting so good he was invited to attend the 1960 Olympics in Rome. There was only one problem, he was afraid to fly and would refuse to go unless he had his own parachute. So, as you can assume, he boarded the plane with his parachute on and got off with it on. Clay beat all of his opponents and made it to the final round where he had a bloody battle with a man named Piertrzkowski. Clay returned to the U.S., wearing the gold medal, proudly around his neck (www.float-like-a-butterfly.de.).
             The young boxer's Olympic win, set the boxing trainers on a rampage.

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