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Violence in families

            Violence in cultures is displayed in various ways. Some cultures fight the violence while others learn to accept it as a custom or a tradition or even superstition. Belief of religion or belief of superstition is behind the violence of No Music Before Mosque and The Rain Came. The violent acts are shown through the belief of how one should worship God and how one should maintain tradition and superstition. In each story it is the father who was responsible for the violence done to their child.
             In No Music Before Mosque, the son, Ali enjoyed playing his flute while he prayed to God. It was his way of talking to God and showing his thankfulness for everything God had given him. He would play the music before attending Mosque. However, his father did not appreciate his music. He believed that by playing the music, Ali was "defying God" and was about to let Ali know that. The parents verbally abused Ali for playing his flute and not spending his time studying. They spoke sharply about him in front of his six-year-old niece. Since the son wasn't home, the turned his anger upon his wife. The wife showed her anger and irritation upon the granddaughter.
             This kind of violence in the home leads to destroying the family and the home. The children are the ones that can be damaged for life. The six-year-old child begins to dream that her grandfather is a "terrible monster." If the father found Ali, he would have beaten him. However, Ali, perhaps knowing that he would have received a beaten, committed suicide. Perhaps he decided since he wasn't allowed to worship God with his flute, he would rather be with God than in the house with his father. .
             Ali's niece swallowed her fear and reached for her grandfather's hand. Upon the death of her uncle, the niece picks up the forbidden flute and learns how to play. She played the flute for God in a quiet manner so not to "hurt her grandfather.

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