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The Qur"an sura 82: The Tearing

             In this sura the people who had committed crimes are punished by the day of reckoning. According to this sura the day of reckoning is so important in the poem that it had to be written twice. "What can tell you of the day of reckoning? Again, what can tell you of the day of reckoning?" (Verses 17-18) In these two lines the sura explains that no one will be certain of the day of reckoning if they do not live by the rules set by the lord. "The pure of heart will be in bliss. The hard of heart will be in blazing fire." (Verses 13-14) The hard of the heart are the wrongdoings in a life of a human. This verse use the analogy of blazing fire to describe that something bad will happen if that person has committed sins.
             When a person has committed a sin then they will know it because that is "When the sky is torn. When the stars are scattered. When the seas are poured forth. When the tombs are burst open." (Verses 1-4) These lines suggest the gravity of the sins committed by human beings. This poem is directed only to those who had committed sins and does not follow by the words of the lord. It accuses those people for denying the reckoning but also tells them that the lord is watching over them and when the day of reckoning come along they will pay dearly for the wrongdoings they have committed. "A day no soul has a say for another and the decision is at that time with God." (Verses 19-20) .
             In the commentary the author points out that the question of what can tell you of the day of reckoning gives the readers a feeling of mystery and it is only a tiny piece of the puzzle with the other pieces somewhere in other poetic verses of the Qur"an. This interests me because the Bible tells us of stories and morals somewhat straight forward. The Qur"an is just the opposite, leaving traces and hints of the components that all comes together to form the greater picture. .

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