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Apple Computers

             Apple Computers was formed in a garage by Steven Jobs and Stephan Wozniac, two men who dropped out of college in 1976. They worked to produce simple computers that did not come with monitors, keyboards, and a few other accessories. They continued to produce other models that ultimately flopped until they reached market success with the Apple Macintosh. The Mac's rapid popularity soon established Apple as a leader in the expanding computer industry. The computer was stated as "For the rest of us." .
             Apple Corporation wasn't only about computers, it was also about culture. From its garage birth, Jobs and Wozniac engraved their personalities on the Computers culture, so much that their significance lasted longer then they did. This culture included a do-your-own thing as well as an ignore-establishment clause. This leads the way to a unique culture of rebels at work, right down to the pirate ship flag waving above headquarters. Scorning dress codes and formal meetings, Apples unique culture led to a few successful computer operating systems and a number of successful products. .
             The do-it-your-own-way culture did lead to some strife within the company, putting the inventive gear heads (engineers) and wizards (programmers) against the managers that Jobs had imported. This led to a power struggle within the firm. Scully took over the reigns he knew the employees would resent because of the big business he wanted to represent. He needed not to tinker too much with the unique culture, but he didn't want to glorify technical personnel because they would be too difficult to supervise. This combined with Scully's feel good attitudes that lead to a company run largely by consensus and decisions that were rarely final. .
             He was eventually let go and replaced by Spindler. Spindler worked to get the business back on track and address issues that had brought down the company. This worked for a while but eventually the culture got to him too, an insider once said, "it works fine for a while, but the system converts you.

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