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Brave New World - Mustapha Mond

            "Come on Rico, just get in the car and let's get out of here," exclaimed Jack, Rico's best friend. Rico stands next to the passenger door, with his hand on the handle, but is frozen. Racing through his mind are both reasons for going with his friends and reasons for staying home. He knows his friends have been drinking heavily, but he does not want to feel left out. On the other hand, Rico has strong morals and knows what may happen if he gets in the car. As the debate in his head continues, he hears a soft, luring voice coaxing, "Ya Rico, why don't you sit back here with me? You don't want to leave me alone, do you?" His girlfriend, Allison, leans out the window and smiles at Rico. He looks into her brown eyes and, knowing full well the danger he is placing himself in, gets into the back seat of the car. Sadly, Rico sacrifices his good principles and knowledge for enjoyment and popularity. Mustapha Mond in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World resembles Rico in that he yields his pursuit of knowledge in order to achieve political power and status. As a result, Controller Mond exposes a pitiful weakness of character by compromising his beliefs.
             Mustapha Mond disposes of his morals and beliefs for power as a World Controller. He is a leader of a government-controlled society and places restraints on its citizens, which result in a loss of social and mental individualism. Controller Mond uses his powers as a World Leader to condition society to match his desires. He requests stability and conformity in society, and to obtain this, he conditions society prior and after birth. Chemical additives are given to embryos as an effective way to control their development. This process of adding chemicals to embryos is "one of the major instruments of social stability" (7) under the control of Mustapha Mond in the World State. Mustapha Mond exercises this type of control easily because it is a means of limiting population and controlling flaws in future citizens of his society.

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