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Building The Rural Economy

            In the article "Building the Rural Economy with High-Growth Entrepreneurs" we see how the economy expands and contracts depending on the saturation of entrepreneurs that are residing in it. We are on the cuff of the 90's which was a great term of economic expansion within our country. The way it was able to come about was due to entrepreneurs operating very high growth businesses. This is a great feat when in retrospect we see that most of these entrepreneurs started out with minimal financing to operate these very small firms. The main purpose of the article "Building the Rural Economy with High-Growth Entrepreneurs" is to show us how these high growth entrepreneurs are encouraged by policy makers to succeed in their communities. .
             We know entrepreneurs are valuable to any community but do we ever really think how detrimental they are to the way of life that surrounds us. It's not easy for them to succeed in this task however as statistics have shown us that less than half of these new firms that are in our communities don't survive past the first year of inception. Even with the aid of expansion programs they still have a very critical time making it. These programs have spread originally from the Northeast and Midwest to the rest of the country. This epidemic of program growth that is spreading not only does a lot for the communities it covers but as a whole it greatly affects our entire nation. It affects our nation by boosting or lowering our GDP. GDP stands for gross domestic product and is the worth of the entirety of products we produce. If we don't have firms to produce these products we in turn have a lower GDP and as well a weaker economy at the present time. A lot depends on this economy too because it opens up jobs for our people depending on the state it is in. The majority of new jobs in our country come from small and medium sized firms. Without their survival and success we cannot create any new job opportunities and of course this has yet another adverse affect on our economy in the short run and possible long run.

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