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Japan's Economy

             A Self-Help Assistance Program or A. is located in Peachtree, California, and was founded in 1993.'s mission is to help people help themselves through vocational skills, micro finance training, improvement of rural education and access to education for orphaned children and children in difficult circumstances.
             A.S.A.P. works in partnership with rural communities in Africa to identify needs as well as those most in need. Last year A.S.A.P. provided schooling for over 5,000 orphaned or poverty stricken children. A Self-Help Assistance Program has many ongoing projects to help improve rural education and vocational skills training. A.S.A.P.'s Building with Education project assists rural communities in building and/or improving classrooms. In the year of 2002 A Self-Help Assistance Program built housing for 6 teachers, Housing for over 1,200 orphaned children, 18 new classrooms, and they renovated 8 old classrooms. In addition, A.S.A.P. provided theses schools with 4 computer labs, agricultural and building tools, and sewing machines. As well as provide education to those who are in need of it, A.S.A.P. provides rural based scholarships, financial student aid, and honorary awards. A Self-Help Assistance Program works at providing much more then even education.
             A.S.A.P. also has a micro-finance project, as well as an agricultural project to help maintain the expansion of the desert areas. The micro-finance project is to help men and women obtain financially beneficial jobs, and to also help them profit from the earnings that they make by a devised spending budget plan that suits their needs. This micro-finance project has already helped 3,000 people get out and stay out of poverty in its first year. A.S.A.P. plans on expanding this project to hopefully 3 other nations within the following two years. Unfortunately though, A Self-Help Assistance Program has not been so successful with its agriculture projects.

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