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Capital Punishment

            The one subject that will affect us most throughout our lives is death. For this reason any issue dealing with such a matter should be treated with the utmost respect and seriousness. Hasty decisions cannot be made when life, regardless of whose, is at stake. All aspects and implications must be considered when this world's most valuable possession lies in the hands of the imperfect man.
             Throughout history man has struggled to control the one inevitable factor of life. This has been done unsuccessfully. Currently the best example of such a trial is capital punishment.
             Capital punishment has been debated, used, and even considered routine in most civilizations, including our own. .
             There are two sides to every argument capital punishment is no exception. In fact both sides have some extremely valid arguments which can be very convincing. When presented alone each side can cite many facts, figures, and beliefs that will make for a very articulate and compelling argument. Here lies the problem, because both sides are able to produce such an argument a person is easily swayed depending only on what he or she has not heard. Therefore, is necessary for every person to unbiasedly hear both sides of the issue.
             A large part of the controversy comes from this question: Do we as a society or even as the human race have the right to give a sentence as extreme as death? The answer, unfortunately, is unknown. Of course either side would tell you their answer is the correct one. A decision such as this, however, should be made only by what we as individuals think and believe. This will make the society you live in that much closer to your own.
             Those who oppose capital punishment argue that we do not have the right to judge whether a person deserves to lose their life. It could be argued that the only one who has the right to take a life is the one who gives it. Granted many lives are taken by people who do not have such a divine right, however, this is not the argument.

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