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             Fidel Castro has been the dictator of Cuba since 1959.
             Dictator means to have complete power over everything (people and .
             Government) He won his seat in power after overthrowing Fulgencio Batista. .
             Fidel leads the communist Cuba which has a big effect n the foreign and .
             Domestic policies. .
             Castro was born in Biran, near Mayari, Cuba. His given and family .
             name was Fidel Castro Ruz. His father was a Spanish immigrant who owned .
             a small plantation. Castro graduated from the University of Havana in 1950 .
             with a law degree. Afterwards, Castro opened a law office in Havana. In .
             1952, he ran for election to the Cuban House of Representatives. But troops .
             led by Batista halted the election and ended democracy in Cuba. .
             The domestic and foreign policy of Fidel was that he was a dictator, .
             and the country of Cuba communist. By being a dictator, Fidel had.
             complete control over everything, and by being a communist country, it .
             meant that the people had no say in the government. For Fidel, being a .
             Dictator in a communist country, puts him in a very powerful position. Fidel .
             wasn't the person that made the country communist though. The dictator .
             before him did. His name was Fulgencio Batista.
             The effects on his nation simply stated that people in Cuba don't really .
             have a life, because there ruled by the government since the democratic .
             Cuba was over-ruled in. This effected the world's trades and wars.
             I think that Fidel Castro is a very powerful and respectful leader. In .
             my opinion, I think that he uses his powers in a good way, because he's .
             trying to make things positive for the country. But if I was a resident of .
             Cuba, I would probably think that he needs to give more freedom, and try .
             hard to make our opinions count.

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