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castro takes over cuba

             Earlier this year, on January first Fidel Castro and his revolutionary followers marched into Santiago de Cuba. They then seized the Moncada Army Barracks without firing a shot as 5,000 soldiers surrendered. General Fulencia Batista fled from Cuba to the Dominican Republic to escape harms way. The next day a new government is formed. Manuel Urrutia heads the government as president and Jose Miro Cardona is the new prime minister. Five days later on January 7th the United States recognize the new Cuban Government although the CIA has already began a plan to over throw it. On January 8th Fidel marches to Havana with the main body of the revolutionary army. The Cuban Ministry of State then announced that the United States Navy and Air force will be immediately withdrawn from Cuba where they trained Batista's armed forces. On February 13th Jose Miro Cardona resigns as prime minister which leaves Fidel Castro as the new prime minister. With Cuba under new rule the United States has yet another conflict adding to the cause of the cold war. .
             With Fidel Castro in charge of Cuba, the United States could possible face a closer enemy then before. With a new government in charge they might seek help from other countries such as the USSR. This is a critical point in time which could determine many things for the future. If the USSR would get involved in Cuba that could mean a closer enemy with more options for the USSR. The change of the Cuban Government has yet to play a major part in the cold war. .

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