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Fidel Castro

            It goes without saying that Cuba has had its share of ups and downs under the Castro regime. One of the ups in his regime is the healthcare plans that Cuba has. Cuban healthcare is completely free, and as a result, Cubans are staying disease free, while millions of people in Latin America are dying and becoming immune to the very same diseases. If there is any incentive at all to live in Cuba it is because of the healthcare services that aren't available anywhere else. The United States does not even offer free services that Cuba offers. Every citizen has access to free healthcare.
             Fidel Castro is one of only a handful of leaders that still maintains a communist-socialist system. He is the only dictator to remain in power for over 40 years and have absolute power in that time. He, unintentionally, has changed the state of Florida to the point where politically the Cuban population has dominated politics in the state of Florida. Sure enough, the election of President Bush was decided in the state of Florida and it could have been a result of Cuban immigration. The Cubans mostly vote republican. There is still a sense of socialism and communism as long as there is Fidel Castro.
             Personally, I believe that Fidel Castro was a very wise man. He was very well informed about politics before his regime, and was very idealistic about the future of Cuba. I believe that he copied the system that Stalin had, but brought far more positive outcomes to Cuba than Stalin did to the Soviet Union. Although the negatives that he brought about to Cuba far outnumber the positives, I would definitely take his free healthcare plan and quality education system. I certainly would not want to live in Cuba under his regime. The market was not made to be totally controlled by the government. Private ownership is important as well. I think that living under a capitalist system for my whole life, I could never adapt to the communist system of Fidel Castro.

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