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            Almost every nation in the world has experienced a revolution and resistance. Simply a revolution can be defined as the over throw of government and its replacement with another. Sometimes revolutionaries act intellectually, yet others may respond physically through destruction. On the other hand resistance can be defined as the act or an instance of resisting or the capacity to resist. Caribbean has a long history of colonization and slavery for many generations. As new colonization was established, new cultures and languages were introduced. As we seen throughout this course there was resistance and revolution in the Caribbean. The thesis of this essay is "differences between revolution and resistance." As we seen through out this course resistance and revolution by the Caribbean's was demonstrated to act against thoughts such as slaves were same as animals, unfair treatments and because Caribbean's had their own societies, cultures and beliefs to demonstrate.
             There were two different kinds of resistance, covert and overt. Covert are the hidden behaviours such as Suicide, malingering, spying, poisoning, abortions, and arson .etc. Overt is the kind of resistance that's done in the open such as escape from the plantation, cultural demonstrations, family organizations, gender relations, games and so on. Revolutions usually follow a rupture in the nation's events, are directed by a hero have an ideology and belief system, and use symbols or tools to get its points across to the people. There was only one successful revolution in the Caribbean's and it was the Haitian revolution. Revolution was the ultimate way to freedom from slavery.
             Revolution and resistance differed in several ways. Revolution was an organized system and resistance was unorganized. Revolution was organized from top to bottom; Revolution had a hero who was the leader of the revolution, Leaders such as Fidel Castro who led the revolution against Batista and Vincent Oge who led the affranchise.

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