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CIA Schemes and Fidel Castro

            Some secrets are just left unraveled and some need to be said. The CIA of all people you would think would keep a secret. At the end of the day people should always tell the truth no matter how hard it is to say because the truth can be your biggest change in your life. Fidel Castro was the president of Cuba from 1976-2008, he was considered a dictator because he was the only who had a say in any matter. Fidel overthrew the last leader Batista and was sworn in as the prime minister until 1976 when he became president of Cuba. Castro involved himself in anticommunist political party formed to reform government corruption. Castro & 150 other members first attempt to overthrow Batista failed, which led to the capture & 15 year sentence to Castro. Castro then spread out to recruit new members along with Guevara, over a span of two years they developed a plan to use guerilla warfare to overthrow Batista, With Batista losing popularity in Cuba he fled to the DR, Castro had succeeded with his plan to gain control over key areas in/around Cuba, he was praised highly for this also. Castro didn't become prime minister until Cardona resigned. Castro's control over the government and economy was one of a communist. Castro passed a Agrarian Reform Law which was supposed to help independent farmers but really led to state land control. We first had mixed feelings with Castro when he nationalized factories & plantations in order to end US dominance over the economy. The last strike for us was the Cuban Missile Crisis.
             There were many attempts to capture Castro, Cuban resources says it was 638 times to be exact. Attempts ranging from explosive cigars, to a fungus-infected scuba-diving suit, to a mafia-style shooting. The CIA asked the Chicago gangster Cosa Nostra and the successor to Al Capone to attempt assassinate Castro in 1960. It was illegal for the CIA asking the Mafia help to kill Castro because the CIA is supposed to be catching the Mafia too.

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