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Capital Punishment

             The murderer and rapist of an eight-year-old girl was sentenced to death and then released after an appeal case only to commit nearly the exact some crime again. Is this justice? Why was it so easy for this menace to society to go out and rape and kill again? This is but one of the many tragic stories that have occurred over the last 50 years. Those sentenced to death row rarely ever make it to the electric chair or gas chamber. The question is why and how. Why do we let these crimes occur over and over again? How can we make them stop? The answer is to make our system, namely capital punishment, more effective. Capital punishment is one of the oldest institutions in our country and is still in existence today. It has not only been used here in America but around the world for many centuries. There is even biblical reference to the death penalty. However debates have arisen on whether or not capital punishment is actually effective. The death penalty is very controversial in the US. And some states have even outlawed it.
             Capital punishment could and would be a highly effective form of punishment if the government would be more consistent in its use. Capital punishment is defined as the execution by the state of those who have committed a crime. Methods of execution include the electric chair, lethal injection, and the gas chamber. Each of these methods are designed so that no pain is felt. The convict is killed almost immediately and feels nothing. However, the death penalty is still highly controversial and remains a source of argument among American's today. Some say it is cruel and inhuman, however over 60% of the American population believe in the implementation of the death penalty in our court's judicial system. They feel the act of execution of a criminal is ok. If the execution of a guilty capital murderer deters the murder of an innocent life, the execution is justified. Murderers commit such violent acts of crime with almost complete disregard for what the consequences may be.

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