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Carlos Hathcock

             And there have been many Marine Marksmen. But there is only one Marine Sniper-Gunnery Sgt."" This is the wording inscribed on the plaque Carlos Hathcock received from his commanding officer during his retirement ceremony. This shows the great respect for Hathcock who, to this day, is the most famous scout sniper to come out of the Vietnam War. Hathcock is not famous like General Westmoreland, planning the war and sending men into battle. Hathcock was a grunt, a foot soldier that made a living killing the enemy, for that he gained immense respect. Hathcock's method for killing was much different than that of other soldiers; he was a sniper, the bearer of sudden death for the enemy. The sniper's victims never knew what hit them when his brand of whispering death struck - they only heard the heavy bullet's impact if it missed. (Henderson, Marine Sniper Pg.7) Hathcock has become famous for being credited with ninety-three confirmed kills in Vietnam; however, it is believed the true number of kills far exceeds one hundred. Hathcock even became famous among the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army who developed a great fear of his deadly marksmanship. The enemy called him "Long Tra'ng- The White Feather, for the feather Hathcock always wore in his bush hat. Eventually Hathcock would earn a $30,000 bounty on his head by the North Vietnamese Army for the exploits against their soldiers. Hathcocks' life and history far exceeds his time in Vietnam. He is, and will always be, one of the most famous snipers in the military or elsewhere.
             Carlos Hathcock was born on May 20, 1942, in Little Rock, Arkansas, the son of a welder. Carlos would eventually live with his grandmother just outside Little Rock in Geyer, Arkansas after his parents were divorced. When Carlos was eight years old he saw his first Marine in uniform while on a trip with his family. It was then that Carlos knew what he wanted to do, become a marine.

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