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Criminal Justice System and Capital Punishment

            Statistics have shown that more and more money is being spent yearly on our jail .
             This is mainly caused by mandatory minimum sentence.
             and long sentences being handed out. On the other hand you have protestors claiming that .
             our justice system is failing is failing in the United States. That it is based on old model .
             assumptions and theories from the " rehabilitation " school of incarceration. They say that.
             because of early release and reduced sentences, many prisoners get the chance to strike again. .
             My opinion is that the ideas behind the criminal justice system in our country are .
             overall pretty good, is just the manner in which they are being applied that seems to be.
             the problem. I think we are definitely spending to much money on aging prisoners that.
             are sixty-five and seventy years old and pose no threat to society. Keeping prisoners like.
             this incarcerated simply raises the already high budget we spend on jails every year.
             Exoneration of death row inmates has become the rallying point for opponents.
             of capital punishment. Even though I do not exactly agree with the way capital .
             punishment is being applied; I do think it should be a part of our judicial system. Last.
             year according to the New York Times an Illinois state commission charged with .
             examining the fairness of the death row penalty released its findings. The commission .
             composed of fourteen prominent citizens including nine present and former prosecutors ,.
             recommended more than eighty changes designed to ensure that the death penalty is.
             administered in a just fashion. These recommendations say a lot about our justice .
             system- - the whole system not just capital punishment. .
             The death penalty has always galvanized public sentiment, and just as horrific .
             crimes have brought cries for justice through the death penalty there is always someone.
             else on the flip side of that coin, someone's brother, someone's sister, someone's father.
             or someone's mother that has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to death.

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