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             Descriptive Chemistry " is the aspect of chemistry that describes the sources, properties, and uses of specific elements and their compounds.
             Flux " in a blast furnace, is the substance that causes mineral impurities in an ore to melt more readily.
             Slag " is a light, easily melted, glasslike material formed in smelting process.
             Froth Flotation " is a method for concentrating upper ores.
             Roasting " is a process that involves heating a copper sulfide ore with oxygen-enriched air in a smelting furnace. The copper (I) oxide produced is processed to produce copper.
             Allotropes " are forms of the same element that have different molecular structures but that often exist in the same physical phase.
             Nitrogen Fixation " is the conversion or "lifting- of atmospheric nitrogen into compounds.
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             Chapter 24.
             Isomer " are compounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas.
             Hydrocarbons " are organic compounds consisting solely of the elements hydrogen and carbon.
             Aliphatic " describes hydrocarbons that have an open-chain structure-either straight or branched.
             Combustion " is a chemical reaction producing noticeable light and heat.
             Substitution " is when one or more hydrogen atoms of hydrocarbon are replaced by some other element group.
             Cracking " is the process of breaking down large organic molecules in crude oil to smaller ones in order to increase the supply of gasoline.
             Hard Water " is water that contains calcium, magnesium, or fucrous ions in solution. Soap reacts with these ions to form a precipitate.

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