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The Gateway of My Life

             There are many times in our life, where taking a right decision would make a.
             From those, there are certain decisions that would change your.
             life significantly. To move on, a decision of picking a right career comes in.
             everyone's life. When I stopped to think about where my life was leading to, I.
             was completely deadpan. Then I started to think about something that would.
             really interest me. I came up with many ideas, but it had to be the right thing!.
             It had to be something that was challenging and also realistic. There was only.
             one profession that fulfilled all my requirements, and that was to be a.
             Now I know for sure that my pathway of life is leading toward being a.
             cardiologist. My dream of becoming a cardiologist seemed really easy at first,.
             but man I was wrong! Being a cardiologist does not only require me to be good.
             academically, but also it is necessary for me to be confident about myself. This.
             profession takes a long time and great effort. In my next two high school years,.
             I will be taking my elective classes that lean toward biology and Chemistry.
             Right now as a sophomore, I am taking Medical Chemistry, which helps me get an.
             idea of what I will be doing in future. Next year, when I will be a junior, I.
             have taken two classes, which are AP Chemistry and AP Chemistry Lab. This will.
             help me get four hours for college in advance. To move on, I have taken two.
             Spanish classes and I am planning to take 2 more years of Spanish. By taking.
             four years of foreign language I will be receiving four collage hours. This will.
             really help as a doctor to interact with Latin patients. Right now I am in.
             Geometry 93, and by my senior year I will get AP Calculus. That is another class.
             I will be getting four college hours for. Next year, if approved, I am planning.
             to take honors English and AP US History, which is another course for which I.
             get three college hours for. All together, I will have 20 college hours before.

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