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My Attempt to Save My Dream

            Writing is a quintessential part of society today. Without the ability to write, we might be thrown back into the Stone Age and into dark times. It allows us to do several things that without writing wouldn't be possible. More or less so it opens the world up around us and allows technological advances and things of that nature. There are different forms of writing in the world we live in today. You can hand write something, which is the more traditional form, or you can type it, which is the modern day form of writing. In the 21st century we use handwriting to do several things such as: writing papers, doing worksheets, writing notes, and also writing ourselves reminders. Basically nothing has changed from the traditional sense of handwriting. As for typing, we have put a more modern spin on it as we use typing to send text messages, compose tweets, and even type up emails. All of these things connect us to the people around us and even around the world. .
             On a more spiritual level, writing is very symbolic. You can use writing to convey your feelings, tell a story of your actions, or even express your thoughts. When you buy a new desk and you can't put it together by yourself, luckily the manufacturer included a set of instructions that were enclosed in the box. That is essentially what writing is for, to enlighten others and help them learn and grown mentally. Writing can get you out of a very serious situation or even help you get back on the football team surprisingly.
             Several times throughout my life I had to resort to writing something to help resolve whatever situation I was involved in. Although it wasn't the best of situations I eventually made best out of it and conquered it. Going into my twelfth grade year in high school I was an essential part to our school's highly ranked football team and I had to overcome some adversity to secure my spot back on the depth chart. Even though I wasn't to blame for it, I missed countless workouts and practices over the summer in part due to my mother wanting me to gain a sense of independence and procure a job to assist her in paying my senior fees along with any other expenses.

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