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Choices, Choices, Choices

            The decisions one may encounter when choosing their new vehicle can be broken down into four categories. While some people are concerned with all or few of these categories, one may not be bothered with the insignificant factor of the type, size, transmission style, or color of the vehicle. .
             The first and fore most decision, when choosing ones new vehicle would be the type. Whether he or she wants a truck, minivan, family car, sports car, or sport utility vehicle. To marrow the search down they can select which automobile they feel more comfortable and safest in.
             Next, he or she must consider the size. The sedan and coup are the two favored over the three and or even five door automobile. To help with this decision one needs to know how many people are going to be in the vehicle. Is it going to be used for two or less people a coup would be good. Or if one will be car pooling a sedan or minivan would be a better choice.
             The transmission type is a very important detail one needs to pay attention to because it is used all the time when operating a vehicle. It is better to know how to drive both types. If he or she likes to get in and go and automatic transmission is the best bet. But, if they are more of a racer and like to hear the RPMs of the engine and to change gears a manual transmission is the operative choice.
             After all of that is done with now one can pick out the color. This is the least important detail to decide on, to some anyway. The color of your vehicle is up to your wildest dreams. This option is to show the world a part of your personality, so chose it wisely. One wouldn't want to have "Give me a ticket Red" because it is the color of vehicle of choice by the police. These decisions made can help one in choosing their new automobile. Whether you can afford a Vega or a Porsche, make it an extension of you.

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