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Ethical Choices

             I Didn't Do It: But I Am Guilty.
             Throughout our life times we make many choices, all having consequences. Although these choices will usually affect us, some will affect others as well. Choices we make that affect other people can be labeled as ethical choices. For example, lets say you saw that a bully was pushing some kid around day after day and the kid was too scared to tell a teacher. You, feeling sympathetic for the kid, come to an ethical choice. You could tell a teacher what was happening and risk getting beat up by the bully or you could not tell, but the kid would keep getting hassled. I have made and seen ethical choices many times, some for the better and some for the worst.
             I have been a pretty good person in my life. I am usually a very nice person and am pretty good at staying out of trouble although; there have been times I made bad choices. When I was about 14 years old I made a bad choice. My friends and I were all staying the night at one of our houses. As we traveled further and further into the night (a time when I believe many unethical choices are made) we became more and more bored. When one o"clock rolled around I proposed we should go for a walk. My friend Brian, whose house we were staying at, decided to stay because he was in a lot of trouble. My other friends Tim, Dan and Jason quickly agreed with me. We must have walked about two miles from the house when my friend Tim O"Hare came up with an idea to steal stuff out of a random car. I didn't like the idea but I also didn't want to say or do anything that would ruin my tough guy reputation. So we all looked out as Tim snuck down to a random car parked in someone's driveway only to find it was locked. He then went driveway after driveway until he found a car that was unlocked. After we all saw that he grabbed something we ran back to the bike path and began walking back towards the house we were staying at.

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