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Whitman the Genius

            Walt Whitman is the most untouchable, matchless author of the nineteenth century. His poems, which are written in free verse and cadence, are unique and innovative. In his collection of poems, Leaves of Grass, he allows the world see his soul, which is an easily achieved exertion to be personal with his readers. Whitman is a genius at setting words together to tantalize the senses. Whitman takes the world and writes it out for the human mind to indulge in. His incomparable eloquence and humor is never going to be recreated, though countless have already tried. Walt Whitman is truly the best author in all of literature history.
             Whitman was a true human. Unlike his peers, Whitman's work is written for all age and races. "A great poem is for ages and ages in common and for all degrees and complexions and all departments and sects and for a woman as much as a man and a man as much as a woman." (Leaves of Grass) He has always believed that all people should be able to enjoy poetry. This gives Whitman a step above other authors in history, in that, he is neither racist, nor is he bias against either sex. He achieves what many can not even achieve today, complete neutrality. He was an amazing man.
             Whitman's poetry is ahead of its time. His book went unnoticed when it was first published, because people could not comprehend his new type of writing. He made his own style, and he took it far. His cadence and free verse are still common in poems today. Even now his work amazes and captivates readers. It drives readers of the twenty-first century to expand and open their minds, which is a wondrous accomplishment. .
             Walt Whitman is modest. Whitman is the only author that had the humility to ask for the respects of his most accomplished peer, Emerson. Instead of being jealous of his peers amazing work, Whitman took it as a role model and inspiration for his own. And when Emerson sent him a letter of praise, Whitman did not boast.

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