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Book Report on Ecotopia

            For this book report, I read the book "Ecotopia" by Ernest Callenbach. I chose this book because my mom had read it and recommended it to me. Moreover, I chose it because it was a non-library book, which is good. I can't go to the library ever again since I have such a large fine.
             "Ecotopia" is set in the West/North-west US states of California, Oregon, and Washington which have succeeded from the rest of the United States to form it's own country of Ecotopia. Ecotopia is well populated but in a decentralized way, the people have a very different culture from Americans and a different set of ideals.
             Ecotopian society promotes decentralization, individuality within a communal life style, and a return to tribal life. The people are given a well-rounded education and the opportunity to be open and more animalistic. The Ecotopians are very comfortable with themselves as biological beings, they stroke and touch each other while they speak, and they relish all aspects of their humanness. .
             20 years before the events in the book occurred Ecotopia succeeded from the US in exchange for a more communal, Eco-friendly, life-friendly society. The president of Ecotopia was a very dynamic, friendly, and intelligent woman named Vera Allwen. The government had been almost controlled by women since the beginning of the fledgling land of Ecotopia.
             The main character is William Weston. He was a reporter for the New York Times-Post who was sent to Ecotopia to investigate their culture, peoples, and governmental set up. He was the first officially sanctioned American visitor. When he arrived, he was not quite charmed by the Ecotopian openness, the way they squeezed his hand when they shook it, the eye contact, and the warm smiles.
             As he assimilated Ecotopia culture by becoming involved with many of them he understood and appreciated the charm and philosophy behind Ecotopia. William was very open and responsive to Ecotopian living and began to enjoy himself a lot and even to think of himself as a brother to the Ecotopians themselves.

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