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book report

             I chose the book A Boy At War written by Harry Mazer for my book report. The main character in the book A Boy At War is a boy named Adam. Adam's father was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy. Their family was required to move around a lot. Adam went from military school to military school. He never really could call any town a home. He was known as a military brat. At the time this book was written, Adam and his family had just moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. Adam would have to start this school year late. He was in high school. This would be his first year in a civilian school. It didn't take him long to figure out that they didn't like military kids very well at his new school. Adam learned at an early age that whatever happened in the military you liked it. Adam's home environment was very strict. His father treated him much like he would treat another person in the military. Once a week, there was bunk check. This meant that everything in his room had to be cleaned. His bed had to be made with hospital corners and no wrinkles. When his father was home, he would throw a quarter on Adam's bed and if it didn't bounce high enough he would have to tear it apart and make it again. Life for Adam seemed very planned out and organized. His father had very high expectations of him. Adam was forced to grow up very quickly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He realized how horrible war was and the impact that it had on the family. Adam felt that he had to protect his mother and little sister during the attacks. He kept hoping that there would be word from his father but after two weeks, he realized that the worst had happened. .
             On Adam's first day of school all the kid's made fun of him. When the teacher asked him where he came from his answer was America. It was really hard for Adam to explain to people that he really didn't come from any one place but that he had lived in several places.

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