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Comparison Of Three Articles

             Restorative Justice in School Communities.
             This article deals with restorative justice in school communities. It looks at three different areas in America where restorative justice is being used in schools. There are some differences and some similarities. One thing they all have in common is that this "take" on juvenilecrime gives the offender a chance to reconcile with not only the victim, but the community as well. The main objective of restorative justice is to provide an alternative to the typical juvenile justice system as well as turning these behavioral, drug or alcohol related incidents into "learning experiences". .
             Summary of Article # 2.
             Teen Court: An Examination of Processes and Outcomes.
             This article deals with teen court. This study examines the teen court of Dona Ana County, New Mexico, including its processes and recidivism rates. The participants were randomly selected from the program and traced through the local Juvenile Probation An Parole Office (JPPO) database. Interviews were taken with a teen court staff member, JPPO staff members, and former teen court participants. The recidivism rates were found to be affected by, gender, age, the presence of a prior referral, whether the youngster completed the teen court program, who the juvenile lived with and the severity of the jury sentence. The study was able to identify some of the successes and the shortcomings of this county's teen court. .
             Summary of Article # 3.
             Juvenile Boot Camps: A Descriptive Analysis of Program Diversity and Effectiveness.
             This article is about juvenile boot camps. This study looks at different types of boot camps, as well as the cost issues. This study also attempts to determine not so much why boot camps seem to be failing, but how boot camp programs might concentrate on those factors such as aftercare and give greater attention to demographic variables that apparently do give youth a better chance not to recidivate.

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