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Continuing Church Growth

             This paper will attempt to disclose thoughts and concepts regarding Continuing Church Growth through the local church. The purpose of church growth will be explored as well and the manner by which growth is accomplished by the local church. My basic foundational concepts for Continuing Church Growth will be addressed as well as a detail strategy for improving Continuing Church Growth in the local congregation of First Baptist Church, Beaumont, Texas.
             When exploring the concept of Continuing Church Growth, which will be referred to from this point as CCG, is different for each church congregation and location of churches. Many churches look to other churches to decide on how to operate, develop ministries, and effectively grow their church. Although this could be helpful, generally this is not a good way to launch a growth plan because it may not reflect the vision of the church or the will of God. God has established the local church to grow because of Who's church it is and not because of how others may do church growth.
             Jesus had a passion for those who hurt and wanted to see all come to knowledge of His kingdom and His salvation. His ministry is peppered with acts of kindness towards those who needed a touch of the master hands. We are told that Jesus was filled with compassion for the leper who approached Jesus and asked to be healed. The man approached Jesus with everyone else barking the usual call of unclean. Then Jesus did the most wonderful and shocking thing: He reached out and touched the man. This man who had the dreaded disease such as our modern day AIDS, was touched by one who was not afraid. This is our goal! Our churches today should have the mindset that we are here to reach out and touch people with the love of Jesus Christ. This should be done with the willingness to meet people where they are and in their own culture.

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