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            I am writing this to discuss several of my job duties and to explain why I need for MY OWN PRINTER and an office. .
             First of all, my job requires that I prepare the following confidential and sensitive reports:.
             o Faculty Activity Reports for the counselors. .
             o Observation Memoranda for the department. .
             o Retroactive Withdrawal Application Medical & Administrative.
             o PAF - Staff/CUNY CAPS.
             o Faculty Attendance sheets and adjunct time cards.
             o SSD Add/Drop - Lision between the office of Registrar and Cousneling Services.
             o Letters, attendance sheets, overviews, counselors' schedules, invitations to attend workshops, and envelops for the Probation Workshops. .
             o Photocopies of student transcripts.
             o Attendance Verfications for the Registrar and Cope Office.
             o Trouble shooting with the micro-soft calendar and performing other tasks in which confidential information must be processed. .
             The constant interruptions from the intake traffic, and having to share a semi-public network printer, which is all the way in the back of the office, makes in impossible to maintain confidentiality and to complete the work in a timely manner (I have to take extra steps, before I walked away from my desk, lock all draws, put away files, shut down computer etc.). Because I have unofficially become the front-end person at the intake area, I am constantly approached by students who are often upset and in need of immediate assistance. I have been able to point them in the right direction by answering their questions and have alleviated their concerns. Furthermore, the student traffic to my area increases when there is no one in the Career Services area or when the intake person is taken away from the intake area for whatever reason that comes at that point. Other people with work similar to mine have down-time in which they can complete jobs without interruption in a confidential setting. These people are assigned to do intake work four hours a week while I am required to do intake throughout the five day work week.

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