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Death Penalty Support

             The data in 1996 GSS TAB lends support to the hypothesis that men are more likely to favor the death penalty than women, conservatives are more likely to favor capital punishments than non-conservatives, and men are more likely to favor the death penalty than women, and this is more likely to hold true for conservatives than for non-conservatives. .
             This paper will research whether in keeping with prior research findings, favor for capital punishment varies by gender and political orientation in the 1996 GSS sample.
             A review of relevant literature indicates that support for capital punishment varies by numerous socio - demographic characteristics. Among these characteristics, gender and political identification emerge as variables that have been found to be consistently associated with differences in support for the death penalty. More specifically, the literature indicates that men and political conservatives are more likely to favor the death penalty than women and liberals (Ellsworth and Gross 1994; Jones 2000; Stack 2000).
             The topic of death penalty support is important because it influences public policy. Law and policy are influenced by public opinion in the United States. If majority of people oppose the use of the death penalty, it may become illegal again (Ellsworth & Gross, 1994). .
             This paper is organized so that the literature review follows the introduction. It includes a review of three articles which focus on death penalty support by gender and political orientation. Next, three hypotheses are presented with research methods and procedures used to test them following the hypotheses. Then, detailed results of the research and discussion of the results with conclusion following them. .
             Literature Review.

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