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Dec Of War

             This is a declaration of my independents from you the parents. You have unjust laws that I am no longer willing to live by. So either let me have my freedom or I am willing to go to war over it. .
             You have imposed unjust laws on me the child and they are not being able to go to bed whenever I please. You also do not let me watch what I want on T.V., go out at any time I wish, and most of all you do not treat me as a equal. These are just many of the many problems that I have with the way you run this house.
             I have rights that have been god given to me that you have taken away from me. These rights are freedom to argue with you if I think that it is an unjust ruling. Another one is that you never lisen to me if I have an idea you just say why are you talking to your self when I am talking to you. A thing that really makes me mad is that you think that you are all high and mighty and that you can not ever be wrong or do anything wrong. You think that you are some kind of god and that you will never make a mistake in your lifetime, guess what you are wrong there you are not a god or will you ever be a god in this world or the next. The thing that gets me the most is that you tell me to do ten things at once and if I don't do one of them you jump down my throught like I did nothing all day exept eat bon-bons and watch oparh all day long when that is not the truth at all. The truth is that I did so much stuff that day that you made me forget one stupid thing and get mad at me and make me feel even worse that I already do.
             For these reasons and many more I am declaring my declaration of independence.

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