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What is Intelligence

             We have studied Artificial Intelligence for a whole semester but we are still not quite sure what artificial intelligence is, to be exact, what intelligence is. This is really embarrassing. So in this article, I first probe into intelligence to see what it actually stands for. Then what does it imply to us on Artificial Intelligence? In the second part I bring forward a hypothesis on how human beings process memory and state what benefits would we get for Artificial Intelligence after it is proved to be feasible in the last part.
             It is an axiom that human beings need sleep. But why? We have memories in the brain. But how are they processed? Does it give any implication to us?.
             I. Definition of INTELLIGENCE.
             In fact there is no specific definition of intelligence so far because definitions of intelligence differ from occupation to occupation, culture to culture.
             Philosophy professors emphasize critical and logical thinking while physicists put more value on precise mathematical thing, ability to relate physical phenomena to concepts of physics and the ability to grasp quickly the laws of nature.
             A study by Yang and Sternbey of Chinese people's conceptions of intelligence in Taiwan shows that their definition centers on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, knowing when to show one's intelligence and knowing when not to show one's intelligence while Americans take it as more kind of cognitive skills.
             The definition of intelligence is so vague that it is now generally referred to as the mental quality taken to comprise such things as the abilities to learn from experience, to adapt to new situations, and to deal with abstract concepts. More concisely it embraces the perceptual ability and some other higher level abilities, which include the ability to grasp space relations, remember, define, reason, draw analogies, calculate, classify and generalize.
             So we can draw a picture about what intelligence looks like by stressing the following key features:.

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