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Dental Hygiene

             president addresses during his/her campaign is the unemployment rate. The rate of unemployment has not skyrocketed to epidemic proportions in recent years. After September 11, 2001, employment and economy were affected drastically. However, a year later the economy and employment rates have been recovering at a steady pace. E-Business and the Internet have provided many home based jobs. Jobs are opening with large businesses, such as Wal-Mart, that are expanding most of their stores to "Super Stores." Specialty occupations are not an exception either. Federal and state governments are always in demand for doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. One particular growing field is that of Dental Hygiene. .
             Dental Hygiene is a well paying occupation for the amount of school required. In this field, gratification is accomplished in many ways. One example is by transforming a neglected mouth to a newer and healthier mouth. Another example is the work schedule flexibility the occupation allows.
             An entry-level dental hygiene training program may be two or four years in length, mostly two. Schools with two-year programs award a certificate or associates degree (AS), while four-year programs award a baccalaureate degree (BS). Master's level programs are offered for those interested in education, research, or administration (American Dental Hygienists" Association online n. pag.). Shane Hendricks, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) said, "the two years spent in Dental Hygiene school were the most rewarding years spent in my career yet." Shane started hygiene training after ten years of military service. .
             Admission requirements and prerequisites vary from university to university, but usually include the following elements:.
              High school diploma or GED.
              Minimum age of 18.
              College entrance test scores.
              Depending on the dental hygiene school, prerequisites college courses include: chemistry, English, speech, psychology, nutrition, physiology, and anatomy (n.

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