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             Dentists perform duties such as extracting teeth, surgeries in the jawbone, performing root canals, crowning teeth, and filling cavities. There are many different types of dentists. Each different specialist has their own requirements and duties to fulfill for their specific field. .
             Orthodontists straighten teeth with braces, strips of metal placed in the mouth attached to the teeth, and/or retainers, a metal strip is attached to an appliance that is placed in the mouth when needed, that apply pressure to the teeth and jawbone. Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons perform operations and surgery on the jaw and gums, to correct problems that may arise in a patients mouth. Pediatric dentists focus on children and the needs of their delicate jaw and their small mouths. Periodontists treat gums and the bones that support the teeth when there is a problem like gum disease, or other like diseases. Prosthodontists replace teeth that are missing using crowns, bridges, dentures, or posts. Endontists perform root canals, the opening of the core of the tooth, removing the pulp, and filling the gap with a material, and root canal therapy. .
             The work hours and the workload of dentists differ with who that particular dentist works for, or if he/she is an entrepreneur. Most dentists work four or five days a week. Some work extra hours to accommodate the needs of their patients. Dentists that are just starting their own practice may need to work more hours than more experienced dentists so that the get a reputation made for themselves and their office. Older and more experienced dentists may work fewer hours than other dentists. A lot of dentists work into their retirement age part-time. They will work their own hours, maybe a half day three or four times a week. At one office, there may be a dentist, possibly one or more partner dentists, that own that office, one or more associate dentists, one or more dental hygienists, a lab technician, and any number of secretaries, the larger the business, the more secretaries may be needed.

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