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Diet Pills; Not Quite The Easy Way Out

            Diet Pills; Not Quite the Easy Way Out.
             In today's modern society diet pills such as Hydrocycut, Stackers and Xenadrine FRA-1 are all the new rave. They are supposed to be an easy, quick and healthy way to loose weight and gain energy without the burden of dieting or proper exercise. On the contrary, most individuals do not realize the health risks involved with taking theses so called "natural ingredient pills." In fact, since ICOF last covered performance-enhancing diet pills in December 1998, the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy charged that almost 30% of Olympic athletes were using them (1). Are Diet pills safe? Just because a pill is made of natural ingredients, does not mean that those ingredients are not harmful.
             All of the diet pills on the market contain different ingredients. Ephedrine, the all-natural stimulant is, generating the most controversy. Ephedrine is a natural chemical found in the Ephedrine Sinica plant. As Dee Murphy has noted, "Ephedrine as a pill, has many side effect including but not limited to, rapid irregular heart beat, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, sleeplessness, tremor, nausea, loss of consciousness and many other serious health problems.(18)" But some weight-loss experts believe such supplements are .
             vital to helping many overweight people cope. Carlon colker, a weight-loss doctor in Greenwhich, Conneticut, says the message that Americans should simply eat healthy and exercise "just isn't working." If it were he argues that obesity-related problems from heart disease to diabetes would not be increasing as quickly as they are right now. He contends supplements like ephedrine, which he says is "absolutely safe" when taken as directed, give many people the extra push they need to begin taking proper care of themselves (1). There are many ways to loose weight in a healthy way. For some people it does take a little more than exercising daily and eating healthy but is the fact of "looking sexy" worth all of the risks?.

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