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            After watching the movie Disclosure, in which originated from the novel written by Michael Crichton, I realized the magnitude behind sexual harassment complaints in our society especially in the corporate world. This paper examines the representations of males in the corporate workforce, compared to the fictional workplace as portrayed in the movie, where males dominate the company because of superior authority and also how capable top executives can control the lives and decisions of inferior employees. .
             Tom Sanders who faces the improper placement and unfair treatments in his company. In connection with the unfairness he faces in the company, Tom Sanders has to strive for fairness in the company by revealing the truth. In this case, he does not establish the truth only for the corporation but also for individual's sake. Sanders, a man who loves his work, who loves his wife and children, would never put them in any sort of jeopardy. After the incident with Meredith, you can see an absolute guilt and worry in his eyes. During his strives, Tom Sanders faces so many difficulties to reveal the truth. For the consequences, he does not avoid his problems, he even struggles against all of his difficulties as hard as he can. One perfect example of how unfair he gets treated is the conversation between Sanders and Phil. "Because if you ask me, Garvin screwed you. You put in the time, you've demonstrated you can run the division, and he put in someone else instead. It's his company." .
             Even though Sanders wouldn't get that position as the vice president of technical division, the company however should've considered preserving his current position in consideration of his loyalty to the company and also his superior experiences.Throughout the movie, you can see how Sanders shifted from being moral patiency to moral agency. When Phil spoke to him about the incident, he innocently defended himself but it was quite obvious that Phil did not even consider his side of the story.

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